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Pleasure Roadster Carts

We are pleased to introduce our latest carriage.....the Pleasure Roadster cart custom made by Amish artisans.  There are two choices: our painted deluxe and standard models.  Both models include: leaf spring suspension system (which have a wonderful ride like our Road Carts), adjustable seat (3 positions) for perfect balance, wood floor, chrome or brass shaft hardware.  The same axle takes wooden wheels, or 20" or 26"wire wheels.  The floor comes off by loosening four wing nuts.   

The painted deluxe model also includes:  high quality, black gloss painted finish, hand pinstriping (straw, red, black, blue, maroon, green, yellow/gold, and metallic gold), and a tufted button seat (feels like velvet).   The pinstriped areas include:  seat spring area, shafts, circle bar, singletree, spring, and wood block between the spring and seat.  The 20" wheels are shown on the vehicle below.  The boot is an option. See additional options below.

For animals up to 40", the carriage with wire wheels is $1340 for 20", and plus $65 for 26" wheels.  $1590 for wooden wheels (all sizes).  




                                                                    Boot and tufted seat options shown


The standard model includes:  a natural finish with your choice of a Minwax stain and finished with a spar varnish.  A naugahide waterproof seat with chrome or brass tacks is included.  Boot is an option.  Options available (see below as well):  high quality, black gloss painted finish - $175, hand pinstripping cart only (many different color choices) - $95, hand pinstripping wheels only - $55, tufted button seat (feels like velvet) with a rain cover that velcros over the material - $245, plain velvet seat (no tufting) $55.

For animals up to 40", the carriage with wire wheels is $935 for 20", and plus $65 for 26" wheels.  $1235 for wooden wheels (all sizes). 

Seat rail option for either carriage


The following options may be added to either cart:  wooden dash $95, dashboard BOX tray $75 (need to order dashboard), patent leather dash $145, brass rein rail $135, chrome (over brass) rein rail $135, brass or chrome color whip socket $25, set of stirrups $85, patent leather floor boot - $115, matt black vinyl floor boot-$95, rain cover that velcros over the material $25, spindle seat $455 or a seat rail (shown above) $85.  To upgrade your pneumatic tire order to a tubeless (SOLID rubber) set, add $85.

Wheel Sizing:  20" or 26" wire wheels are available.  If your horse is 34" or less than a 20" wheel is used.  If your horse is greater than 34-38 then a 26" wire wheel is used.  Wooden wheels are available for an additional charge and need to be used for an animal 38" or larger. 


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  Available Minwax Colors