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Mini/Small Pony/Pony Show/Pleasure Carts up to 13H

These are samples of our Wooden Show/Pleasure Carts custom made by Amish artisans. These carts come with many options included but can be customized to your specific requirements. These carts are also very lightweight and very well balanced. They have full-scale carriage springs, which give you a very smooth ride over grass, dirt roads, wooded trails and paved roads. The wooded wheels are also interchangeable with wire wheels. These carts can also be scaled for small pony size or large pony size. These carts are shipped UPS/FedEx ground.  The hubs are approximately 2" on the wooden wheels (half way between flush and standard).  Cart Delivery is approximately four weeks from time of order.

My Show/Pleasure cart with wooden shafts and wooden wheels cost $1075.  The carriage with wire wheels is $845 for 20" and plus $65 for 26" wheels.  PONY size (11-13H) is $1195.  A FOLDING seatback is standard on all wooden models.  Spares box comes standard. 
The following options  may be added if desired:  wooden dash $95, patent leather dash $145, brass rein rail $135, chrome (over brass) rein rail $135, brass or chrome color whip socket $25, brass hubs $75, round or flat or slatted fenders ($125-2 of them ~4"x22"), split bench seat $100, dashboard BOX tray $75 (need to order dashboard unless ordering Full Meadowbrook which comes with a dash), and block brake (up to a 28" wheel measuring 30") $125.  Tufted naugahyde or bedford cloth $325.  Upgrade the naugahyde seat and seatback with bedford cloth (untufted) $95.  Spindle Seat $455. The mini sleigh runners (up to 38" horse) cost $255 and the small pony size (>38"-42" horse) is $285.

Spindle Seat:  $455.  Pad is not included and is held down by straps.  It is approximately 8.5" tall.  Can add:

  • Naugahyde or Bedford cloth pad (no tufting) for $55
  • Tufted Naugahyde or Bedford cloth pad $195
  • Velcro straps are included in the price OR Biothane (shiny synthetic) would be +$45.

Tubeless (SOLID) Rubber Tire Set is available sold separately:  20" or 26" for $215.  To upgrade your pneumatic tire order to a tubeless (SOLID rubber) set, add $85.  HEAVY DUTY SPRING upgrade is recommended above a 38" horse for $68. 

The Full MINI Meadowbrook is the fully loaded (dash, whip socket, split seat, spares box, fenders) Show/Pleasure cart without the rein rail and is $1455 for wooden wheels or $1225 for wire.  The weight ranges from 123 pounds for mini size to 150 pounds for small pony size with heavy duty springs.  Rein rail and heavier springs not included.  This cart ships freight so we will need to provide you a quote based on your zipcode.

The PONY Full Meadowbrook is the fully loaded (dash, whip socket, split seat, spares box, fenders) Show/Pleasure cart without the rein rail and is $1705Rein rail not included.  This cart ships freight so we will need to provide you a quote based on your zipcode.


Shipping for the cart is based on your location.   If you provide your address, I can let you know definitively.  Please call for a reasonable quote.

Wheel Fit:   

  • 29-30” horse – 20” wood wheel or 20” wire
  • 31-32” horse – 22” wood wheel or 20” wire wheel
  • 33-36” horse – 24” wood wheel or 26” wire wheel (32” horse could get away with this if needed)
  • 37-38” horse – 26” wood wheel or 26” wire (a bit small)
  • 40-41” pony – 28” wood wheel – no wire wheel available – longer axle for EE to get in easier for this size and up
  • 41-43” pony – 30” wood wheel – no wire wheel available
  • 43-44” pony – 32” wood wheel – no wire wheel available
To place an order:
  • I need 3 measurements Height of horse at the withers not at the first few hairs of the mane (to calculate wheel size), length (imagine board in front of chest and behind rump and measure that distance between the "boards"....not as if you were going around corners for a blanket) (to calculate shaft length) and a birds eye measurement looking down at the back at the widest part (for shaft width).  I use Minwax stains (see below).  You can choose any color.  The most popular is Early American or Golden Oak.   We apply a varnish over the stain.  The delivery is normally is approximately 1 month or less from the time I receive your payment.
  • I accept the following three methods of payment:  bank check or money order.  Paypal is also accepted-for this payment type only add 5% of the order total which represents my cost for accepting Paypal.  Payment should be made out to me, Pam Southworth and mailed to  38 Church Street, Roxbury, CT  06783.  As soon as I receive your payment, I will email you a paid receipt and place your order. 
  • Please include:  Name, shipping address, contact number (s), and horse's name.
  • Ask for our complimentary "Harnessing and Hitching Guide" when ordering!




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Shown in small pony size

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  Available Minwax Colors