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Mini thru Pony Easy Entry Carts up to 13H

These are samples of our Easy Entry Style carts custom made by Amish artisans. They are all lightweight and very well balanced. All carts have full-scale carriage springs for a very smooth ride. You can design your own cart with the many options we have available. Wheels are interchangeable from wire to wood very easily. The shafts on the cart are easily removable. A metal team pole can be purchased to drive pairs. The pole is also removable and easily interchangeable with the shafts. The standard mini wheelbase is 45" but we can alter to your needs.  The mini/small pony (<11 hands) carts are shipped UPS/FedEx ground.  The pony carts ship freight (call or email for a reasonable quote).  The hubs are approximately 2" on the wooden wheels (half way between flush and standard).  Color shown is Minwax Golden Oak.  Cart Delivery is approximately four weeks from time of order.


My Easy Entry cart with wooden shafts and wooden wheels cost $995.  The carriage with wire wheels is $780 for 20" and plus $65 for 26" wheels.  A STATIONARY seatback is standard on all wooden models.  The seat and basket width are 30" wide.  Leaf springs are used for support.


My Easy Entry cart with wooden shafts and wooden wheels cost $1225.  No wire wheels available.  The seat and basket are 36" wide.  A heavier pony frame is used with heavier leaf springs, shafts and floor slats.  Outside width hub to hub is 48".

The following options may be added to the above if desired:  wooden dash $95, brass rein rail $135, chrome (over brass) rein rail $135, brass or chrome whip socket $25, brass hubs $75, a pole (to drive a team), extra slats (2-3) extending out the back $55, block brake (up to a 28" wheel measuring 30") $125, folding seatback $65, flat or slatted (2 of them ~4"x22") fenders (no more curved offered) $125, dashboard BOX tray $75 (need to order dashboard), cargo carrier for wooden Easy Entry only fits between the springs in the back $85, and spares box $75.  Tufted naugahyde or bedford cloth $325.   Upgrade the naugahyde seat and seatback with bedford cloth (untufted) $95.  The mini sleigh runners (up to 38" horse) cost $255 and the small pony size (>38"-42" horse) is $285.

Spindle Seat:  $455.  Pad is not included and is held down by straps.  It is approximately 8.5" tall.

Tubeless (SOLID) Rubber Tire Set is available sold separately:  20" or 26" for $215.  To upgrade your pneumatic tire order to a tubeless set, add $85. 


ALL METAL EASY ENTRY cart is $655 for mini size (38" and under), and $840 for small and large pony size (39-48).  Use a 20" wire wheel up to a 38" mini and a 26" wire wheels for larger sizes (+65 upgrade to 26" included in price on pony size only).  Our shaft lengths for the metal cart come standard, but can be customized if needed.  The mini cart has 50" shafts, the small pony cart 40"+/- hands has 55" shafts and the large pony cart has 63" shafts.  Call for shipping quote.  Shipping within the US for these carts goes ground up to a ~38" horse.  Above 38" horse, please call for a freight quote.  Cup holder available on metal carts for $18.  


TEAM POLES - We offer TWO types of poles, a telescoping and standard: 




                Pony Size with Tufted Seat Option


Shown with slatted fender option and 26" wire wheels



Shown with curved fender and a bedford cloth option

Team Pole shown

Metal Easy Entry with 20" wire wheels


Team Driving equipment - Team pole and conversion kits

Shipping for the cart is based on your location.  If you provide your address, I can let you know definitively.  These carts are shipped UPS/FedEx ground.  The larger pony carts for 11-13 hand animals go freight.  Please call for a reasonable quote.

Wheel Fit for Mini/Small Pony Wooden Carts:   

Wheel Fit for Pony Wooden Carts:  The larger pony size vehicles take a smaller wheel because the pony carts are made with a higher front and the shafts are automatically up higher, so the wheels don't have to be as large to bring the shafts up to where they need to be. 

Wheel Fit for Metal Carts: There are 4 holes on shaft brace which allows flexibility in setting shaft height closest to level.

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Adjustable Pole for Wooden Easy Entry Cart

Adjustable Pole for Metal Easy Entry Cart

Wooden Easy Entry Pole


Available Minwax Colors