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Adjustable Mini/Small Pony Cart Stand - $95. 

Adjustable Cob/Horse Cart Stand - $115 

Lap Robes - $96  Our Robes are made out of the same soft material as our harness pads with a wind-proof center lining to block the elements and to keep you cozy.  You may choose 1 or 2 colors for the same price and have a reversible robe to match all of your outfits!  You may even want a second one for the couch!  The following colors are available:  (1) Black, (2) Grey, (3) White, (4) Tan, (5) Brown, (6) Maroon, (7) Red, (8) Navy Blue, (9) Royal Blue, (10) Dark Green, (11) Kelly Green, (12) Avocado, (13) Teal, (14) Dusty Blue, (15) Purple.  Choose from the following sizes:


   Set of High quality Wooden Wheels  - for reference purposes, a 24" wheel weighs ~ 15 pounds.  Our hubs are 3.5" and we can accommodate different bearing sizes.  Our standard sealed bearing size is 3/4", but 5/8" is available too.  If your spindle is larger than our hub, you may use a "lock collar" or "set collar" to reduce the spindle size. 

MB_wheel_0504z.jpg (50463 bytes)          

To order, I need the axle diameter you are trying to fit, the length of the spindle that your wheel  sits on.  For my carts, the wheel is made to fit a 3/4" bearing size.  You can use a set collar on the spindle to reduce the spindle size.  If you are concerned about fitting your axle, you can buy an axle for $105.  I will need to know the length of the axle, and the distance from spindle to spindle (the area under the cart where the wheels slide up against).  Please choose a Minwax stain (shown under the Easy Entry and Show Pleasure carts).  We will stain and varnish it for you too.  Contact with state and zipcode for shipping price for the wheels. 


Set of Wire Wheels:  We offer two styles in two sizes,  To know if our wheels will work on your cart, I need two measurements:  I need to know your axle diameter/bearing sizes (1/2", 5/8", or 3/4).  Also, I need to know your spindle size (the stepped down area on your axle where the wheel sits  OR  the width of your wheel hub (the part that sits on the axle).  The two hub sizes we carry are:   hub on the 20" wheel is 3.25" wide ONLY, and on the 26" wheel is 4.75" wide or 3.25" by request.  The wheels weigh approximately 10 pounds each.

Set (2) With Tubes:  20" for $175 or 26" for $190.  The tire sizes are 20" x 2.125" and 26" x 2.125".  

Set (2) Tubeless (SOLID) Rubber Tires:  20" or 26" for $295.   



    MINI SIZE Custom Covers tailored to your needs in Navy/Burgundy/Dark Green:




MINI SIZE One Piece Light Weight Universal Cart Cover:


I accept the following three methods of payment:  bank check or money order.  Paypal is also accepted-for this payment type only add 5% of the order total which represents my cost for accepting Paypal.  Payment should be made out to me, Pam Southworth and mailed to  38 Church Street, Roxbury, CT  06783.  As soon as I receive your payment, I will email you a paid receipt and place your order.